Travel As Therapy For Life’s Crossroads

After her dads death in 2010, Russo spent the first anniversary of his passing on a vacation that honored both his generous spirit and her adventurous streak. She hooked up with travel company Roadmonkey (, which plans and leads adventure philanthropy expeditions, to trek across glaciers in Patagonia and help rebuild a decaying coin laundry in the inner city of Buenos Aires. It was about celebration, trying to establish a new normal that had elements of what the past was, said Russo, 51. Travel can be a powerful guide at an emotional crossroads, whether youre grappling with a death, heartbreak, job loss or burnout. The benefits of seeking succor after a loss are not just psychological. A recent study found that the risk of heart attack or stroke doubles in the 30 days after a person loses his or her partner and remains 25 percent higher among the bereaved a year later. Connect with something bigger than self What kind of trip will help you heal depends on who you are and what youre going through. If a stressful situation has you ruminating in an exhausting loop, taking a trip that is eventful and challenging, such as a volunteer or adventure vacation, can help clear those thought patterns so you can approach the problem from a different perspective, said Art Markman, a psychology professor at the University of Texas and author of Smart Change (Perigee Trade). Such outward-looking, comfort-zone-busting trips give you an appreciation for novelty that is necessary for creative thinking, Markman said.
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Loss of Flight 370 may have effect on travel to Malaysia

Students write on a placard carrying messages for the passengers of missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 at Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

The Boeing 777, carrying 239 people, disappeared March 8, sparking a massive search across miles of open sea and theories that range from terrorism to alien abduction. The hotel booking site Trivago said it has seen a 22% drop in U.S. users searching for hotels in Malaysia in the 10 days after the plane disappeared, compared to the same period before the plane went missing. The site also reported an 18% drop in searches for Malaysian hotels from Australian users and a 22% drop in searches from New Zealand. But a senior Malaysian government official said the percentage of seats filled on flights to Malaysia, including Malaysia Airlines, “have not shown any drastic reduction.” “Some business travelers may have opted for alternative carriers, but large tour groups have gone [to Malaysia] as usual,” Malaysia tourism director general Mirza Mohammad Taiyab told reporters in India, where he was promoting tourism to his country. “Leisure and vacation tourism have also remained at the same levels.” India is Malaysia’s top source of tourism and Taiyab’s government is on a campaign to boost travel from India even further.
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Is Air Travel Too Safe?

The post-9/11 airport security measures are more expensive and yield even less benefit . Compared to less than $100 per life year for mandatory seat belts and child restraints, or $7,000 per life year for airbags, air safety regulations were comparatively pricey, even 20 years ago. Juxtaposed with the costs health interventions in developing countries, the differences are stark. The cost per year of life saved for vaccination programs can be as low as $7 , and still 17 percentof Kenyan kids still dont get basic vaccines. Of course, if Kenya Airways wasnt spending the money putting defibrillators in its jets that fly to the U.S., it probably wouldnt take use the savings to fund a vaccination program.
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Travel to The Hague, Rome, Vatican City, and Riyadh, From March 24-28, 2014

While in The Hague, Secretary Kerry will attend meetings with President Obama, including a G7 leaders meeting to discuss the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. The Secretary will also hold bilateral meetings with foreign interlocutors, including Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. While in Rome, the Secretary will also attend President Obamas meetings with President Giorgio Napolitano and Prime Minister Matteo Renzi. He will also accompany the President to Vatican City for his meeting with Pope Francis, and will participate in the meeting with His Eminence, Cardinal Parolin, Secretary of State of the Holy See. From Rome, the Secretary will travel with President Obama to Riyadh to meet with King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud. THE NETHERLANDS Remarks
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